The Westernmost Pacific

South China Sea Data Initiative – Update

Dear colleagues,
At long last, we are pleased to be able to share with you the first version of
the geo-coded events data from the SCSDI. You can now access the data in
two formats.

First, we have an online portal that allows for easy interaction with the
dataset, filtering and searching etc, which can be accessed here: In this version of the data, each event has just a single
latitude and longitude associated with it. Those events that have multiple
locations are marked, and you can find those details in the second dataset.

Second, we have uploaded to the Harvard Dataverse a complete csv of the
events with all geo-locations associated with them. Links to all the
underlying news reports are included as well. In the SCSDI Dataverse archive
there are also gpkg and shp files that will allow users to plot the geo-
locations of the events using GIS software like QGIS or ArcGIS, or in
statistical packages such as R or Stata. The link to the Dataverse page is

We are also publishing a codebook that explains the details of how the data
were collected, including a number of challenges we faced along the way.
The codebook describes some of the limitations of the data, so that users
can be clear on expectations of what the data can and cannot say. The
codebook is available here: XXXXXX link for codebook PDF

We hope to be able to update the data and codebook over time, pending
some additional resources to code additional events that we have collated
but not yet coded. We are also actively collecting new data using surveys
with fishing communities in the Philippines and Vietnam in order to fill in
some of the gaps that exist in the news-based data.

For those subscribed to our data updates, we will push our additional data
when we have them.

Thanks very much,
Nico, Renard and team